Who Shares My Name

Have you ever been curious if other people have the same name as you? Maybe there are only a few or maybe your name is as common as John Smith or Jane Robinson. I’ve done some Googling and found only a few that share both my first and last name. It was fun to discover there are companies, streets and towns that shared my first or last name.

Companies Sharing My Name

Streets Near me Sharing My Last Name

There was a neighborhood near Lake Michigan in Zion where I grew up that was never developed with a road named Brockway Ave. That development was never completed and the few house that where built, were removed in the 1970’s due to erosion and the land became a park. Only the roads on the perimeter of the development were paved and remain as paths within the park. Brockway Ave, being an interior road, was never paved. The story says it was named after my great grandfather who was part of the development. I do know my mom’s dad was as developer and named a road after himself, Lowery Court in Zion.

What would it be like to live on a street with your last name?

Towns With My Last Name

Would it be cool to live in a town with your last name? People may think your part of the founding family.