In the spirit of Benjamin Franklin, these pages share what I have learned from the wide breadth of projects I have worked on as a software engineer and my hobbies.

As we enjoy great advantages from inventions of others, we should be glad of an opportunity to serve others by any invention of ours; and this we should do freely and generously.

Benjamin Franklin


I’ve had the opportunity to work in the automotive, medical and financial industries. My software performs mission critical activities such as

You can read more in-depth on these notable projects in my cover letter or see the complete list in my resume.

Software Engineering

Software development is a fun game of logic. Throughout my career I have been given assignments outside the normal scope of the teams I have belonged to. From these extra curricular assignments, I have learned a much broader breadth of technologies. The reason for my blog is to share solutions to complex problems I have solved.


My interests are in macro and landscape photography. Thru macro photography I’ve seen fascinating tiny insects; some beautiful others rather alien looking.

To attract a variety of insects to my backyard, each spring I plant flower gardens. Insects are attracted to specific flowers so the diversity of insects changes with the flowers in bloom. The gardens allow me to spend hours composing scenes of the pollinators as they go about their business. Another great place for macro and landscape photography is the Chicago Botanic Garden.

See my best photos on Flickr.


Joy and I have had the opportunity to take some great vacations to places like the Grand Teton Mountains, Yellowstone, Philippines, California coastline, Japan, China, Hawaii and Europe. We enjoy both hiking trips in nature and cultural trips where we learn about a country, it’s people and their history. This has really expanded our minds and how we perceive what takes place around the world and in our own country. Having a world view really puts everything in perspective.

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