Computer Science

This category contains pragmatic information and solutions to some complex issues I have worked out by gluing bits of information gleaned from technical sites like Stack Overflow.

App – User Written Help System

Build help documentation into your application that the users can edit.

Arduino – Scheduler and Pub/Sub Libraries

Arduino setup() and loop() functions make writing simple programs easy. However, for complicated programs the code can become hard to organize and understand. The Scheduler and Publisher/Subscriber libraries improve code readability, maintainability, extensibility and performance.

C# – Entity Framework – Write DbContext Changes To Console

A useful tool to easily see and understand what DbContext changes are occurring in your application.

C# – Proper Exception Handling

Proper exception handling in C#.

C# – SQLite and Entity Framework Console Application

A Visual Studio C# .Net app deomonstrating Entity Framework and an embedded SQLite database.

C# – Uniform Time

A simple process to update an application to use a single time source.

Raspberry Pi Kernel Real-time Build

Build a real-time kernel for your Raspberry Pi IoT project.

SQL – Compute Last Day of Month

Let SQL calculate the last day of the month.

SQL – Identify Poorly Performing Queries

Let SQL Server identify the cause of queries that never complete or perform poorly.

SQL – Procedure and Function Callee Hierarchy

Hierarchical relationships of stored procedures, functions and tables.